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AVAILABLE ONLINE! Whittington's newest main line jerkys; Buffalo Jerky & Pork Jerky.

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Whittington's Jerky - NOW FEATURING ALL NATURAL BEEF JERKY along with our traditional mesquite smoked beef, turkey & pork jerky, low preservatives, no additives. . . don't miss our Gourmet Texas Specialty Foods!


Whittington's Jerky founder, D.J. Whittington, asked about his recipe by a reporter once said, "The first batch I made I didn't like," he recalled. "So I made up another recipe, and I've been making it the same way ever since. I'm too set in my ways to change."

What Our Customers Say About Whittington's Jerky

Whittington's Jerky would like to share with you a few of the things our customers have to say about our Whittington's Beef and Turkey Jerky - and now Buffalo and Pork Jerky!

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What a Story! Whittington's Jerky on Mt. Kilimanjaro with Seth Cochran and Summit for Smiles

Seth Cochran on Mt. Kilimanjaro with Whittington's Jerky and his quest to raise money for Summit for Smiles

Whittington's Jerky & General Store had a special visitor named Seth Cochran. Seth met Susan Whittington, the owner of Whittington's, and they got to talking about a goal of Seth's. He was trying to raise money for Summit for Smiles (www.summitforsmiles.org) by hiking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The organization raised money to help children born with cleft palates in countries where the surgery is out of reach financially for most of the families afflicted. Well, Seth made it to the top and had Whittington's jerky along to keep him fueled for the hike. What an accomplishment!!! Whittington's is very proud to be a small part of such a meaningful endeavor! Seth now has another cause which you can learn more about at www.operationof.org. Way to go Seth!!

(Seth Cochran on Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2008)

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Been a FAN of your jerky since 1970sumthing, I was in the reserves and a buddy would bring your jerky to our weekend meetings....WE got hooked.

I’m now living in Midwest City/OKLAHOMA City and working at Tinker AFB since 1999 (December)....

but travel 281 to San Antonio....and back to OKC....
not as often now that mom has passed on, I inherited the family house in SA, and my brother has moved (this year) to Lufkin, Texas? < Job thingy! 4 sure!!
But I usually stop in for "stuff" and always look forward to getting another "free jerky", working towards it one pound per visit/trip.

Your staff has been/is always friendly and I love the free "sample's".
Get a kick out of welcoming people into your store-they give me strange looks, but – hey, I feel like I’m a vested customer! Want to keep you in business!
IF you go out of business then I’d have to go to the "Jerky Emporium" here in OKC. < I've never been there, so I don’t know if they have "Whittingtons".
(Miss the hill country wines you used to carry....or am I wrong? < These made great gifts for my Okie friends, they love the "kerchief wrapping paper".)

Suggestion: Ever hear of ESKIMO JOE'S ?
They're based in Stillwater, Oklahoma...and might make a nice associate distributer of your jerky/stuff, and THEN I would not have to drive as far to buy some. (Hint, hint.)

Thanks for the letter,
Look forward to more letters and my next visit to your Johnson City store this month (about the 11th going to SA, TX or 13/14th heading back to OKC).

Bob-@-TAFB (Ex-Kelly AFB-NWS (Special Weapons))

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I can't say enough about how great your jerky is. We live in Austin but have family in Fort Stockton, Texas. Every time we go back home to Fort Stockton we make sure we plan a stop at your store on either the way going or coming back to Austin. It is impossible to say what my favorite flavor is . . . everything is great. The service in the store is excellent. Always a joy to stop and visit. As long as you are making jerky we'll only buy from Whittington's.


Thanks for the order confirmation. I found your store on the way back from a day trip to San Antonio in July. I was visiting my brother, a retired Army Master Sgt. in Copperas Cove. I'm from New York, but the last set of jerky I bought from you found it's way on my vacation to the Dominican Republic. I savored and shared it with my special friends. Growing up in the city with only Slim Jims, we were deprived of the quality of your product. I sincerely thank you for a delightful taste that will add to my appreciation and memory of Texas.


This stuff is great. Have to order again and get my husband his own. This is almost addicting. It's delicious. Many thanks.


Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!

I was driving past one of the only cows in Rhode Island and started chasing it. Wewe; I had a Jerky Vision. Well I came to my senses when I got stuck on the barb wire fence. End of story :)

Thanks. The card and address are the same. The postal service is going to get suspicious on day. One pound packages from Texas. Here come the search!!!

Thanks again

Whittington's started making jerky over 40 years ago — using the leanest cuts of meat, hand sliced, seasoned with our one of a kind recipes and smoked for over 16 hours in our specially designed mesquite log smokers for that great Central Texas Hill Country taste.

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Whittington's Jerky line includes SEVEN recipes! If you are looking for jerky that is free of Antibiotics, Hormones, MSG, Glutens, or added Nitrates and Artificial Preservatives, try our really flavorful All Natural Beef Jerky. Whittington's main line jerky selections include: Original Beef Jerky, Garlic Beef Jerky, Hot Beef Jerky, Traditional Turkey Jerky, Hot & Spicy Turkey Jerky and Pork Jerky. None of Whittington's Jerky includes artificial preservatives and are naturally 97% fat free. We still use D.J.'s same traditional recipe and all our new recipes have the same tried and true wonderful results as D.J. Whittington's original jerky recipe! Whittington's Jerky is American Made Start to Finish in Texas.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspection Seal Poultry P-21257
All our meat is U.S. inspected
and passed by the
Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspection Seal Beef EST. 21257

mesquite flavor,
low preservatives,
no additives.


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