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Pictures From Our Troops

Whittington's Jerky is proud to support our troops both overseas and here at home. Here are a few things they have to say about our jerky and some pictures to share with you.

Stics for Pics from Iraq - "Thanks from Iraq!"

My guys and I received some of your delicious jerky in care packages a few weeks ago and I wanted to send a thank you note and tell you how much we enjoyed it. My two soldiers in the picture could not wait to take the picture and ate theirs before I could get it done. HA! They are Whittingtons newbies and havent ever had GOOD jerky before.

From left to right: PFC Eddie ..., PFC Alex ..., and then me SGT Rex ...

The guys are from Florida and I have invited them to come visit in Texas, if they take me up on it, I will bring them in to say hello and see the place. I myself live not far from Johnson City and will be in shortly after I get home for some hot sauce and jerky.

Thanks again, 
-- SGT Rex ...
(September 2010)


Stics for Pics from Iraq - "I love Whittington's Beef Jerky!"

Hey, My mother-in-law sent me a package today that had some beef jerky from you all in it. I love Whittington's Beef Jerky. She had a note in it that said you all would send me more if I sent you my picture and my address.

Thanks! Whittington's is great!

CPT Al .........
(September 2010)


Stics for Pics from Iraq

GREAT jerky. Was sent to me by a friend in Texas
(May 2009)


Stics for Pics from Iraq

My brother in law is currently deployed to Iraq. Two pictures are attached!
(January 2009)



Thanks from Marines in Iraq

Thank you to everyone at Whittington's for the box of jerky!! One thing that Marines never tire of is some good jerky and I must say that your's is the best that we have received!

We are heading home soon and mail will be shut off in the coming weeks. I am glad your package made it through, but any future packages should be forwarded to other units.

I hope that this new year brings many blessings to yall. Thanks for the support.

Very Respectfully,

Chaplain James D_____
(January 2009)


My name is ENS Alexandra . . . and I just received some jerky in a care package from my father. My ship USS MOBILE BAY is over here serving with the . . . Strike Group and I just wanted to let you know how far the jerky is traveling these days. We started our trip from San Diego in March and made it over to the Gulf in late April. The ship’s in our strike group are supporting missions throughout the region in the Gulf of Oman, Horn of Africa, Persian Gulf, and in the Mediterranean working with ships throughout the Coalition. I've attached a picture of MOBILE BAY with the USS SHOUP in company as an F/A-18 breaks the sound barrier at close range.

I've been serving onboard MOBILE BAY for about a year and received my commission last May after graduating from the University of Southern California. I grew up in San Antonio and there’s nothing quite like getting some food that reminds you of home when you’re halfway around the world. I used to get your jerky in packages while I was in school in California but it means even more way out here. My dad said that if I sent an email y'all might be able to send some jerky out this way and I’d like to make a request that if you do have the opportunity to send something, that you please send it to my division. I am currently serving as the Communications Officer and have 12 sailors who specialize in voice and data communications and computer networking working for me in OC Division. Their job is critical to our ability to communicate and operate in this joint environment; they have been executing at the highest levels these past couple months. I am extremely proud of them and it is a privilege to be their division officer.

Between your jerky and the summer heat, it definitely feels a little bit like Texas. Please know that every sailor appreciates your support and prayers.

Alex . . . 
Communications Officer


We are sorry the bag is empty but we only had one small bag for a platoon of jerky lovers. Needless to say it did not last long. Thank you for an excellent beef jerky.

SPC James . . . 
(December 2007)


All the good folks down at Whittington's Jerky,

I'm in . . . , Iraq right now. It's late at night, and I just went in to the Command Center to look for something to eat. I was greeted by a cache of Whittington's Beef Jerky. I find that the cube-shape of Whittington's Jerky gives it a superior texture to most other jerky. I also find the flavor to be bold, yet not overpowering.

Y'all just keep making that jerky magic happen right there in Johnson City.

Lt Aaron . . . 
(December 2007)

To whom it may concern,
. . . I am serving as the Chaplain Assistant for the . . . in . . . Iraq. I recently received a box of delicious Whittington's Jerky. Of course the contents didn't last long. Not many people were familiar with your product but you have left a great impression. The Chaplain is from Texas and agrees your Jerky is some of the best. The troops who pound ground outside the wire eagerly accepted your donation and were blown away by the quality. On behalf of the soldiers of the . . . , "Thank you." I've read your website and am both impressed and awed by your support. Thank you.

(November 2007)

Hi Ladies,

I need to share this story with you ---- we were out at Christmas At Old Fort Concho this past Saturday night and got into a conversation with a girl who said she'd bought our dips before and said she was in the service out there and originally raised in Austin -- I think she asked where she could buy our products in stores near Austin or Fredericksburg when she was visiting there?

I told her the best place was in Johnson City at Whittington's Jerky Store. She looked really strange then.

Then she asked me how well I knew the Whittington's? At the risk of missing out on some good, juicy rumors she might share about the family, I reluctantly admitted we knew you all well, knew DJ & Gertrude back to 1981, considered you friends, and good customers ------ She was a rough, tough looking girl, but her whole look just melted and she asked if I would see you soon and could I pass on a message? --- I promised her I would.

She told us she had been on combat duty in some bad areas of Iraq for two years and in their area they weren't allowed to travel around much or visit the PX for down-home foods -- it was too dangerous. She was dreaming about Austin / Hill Country Foods, Salsa and chips, etc. --- and one day a truck rolls in with packages addressed to "any soldiers" and when she opened it up it was a box of Whittington's Jerky you all had sent. She said it meant so much to her, she was really grateful, and she wanted you to know how appreciative she and the other soldiers felt, and she asked me if I could tell you that for her --- and so I have kept my promise.

Small world?

(December 2006)

Hello Whittington's Staff,

Thanks for the Jerky and the trail mix, our soldiers were very happy to get some Texas food. Our unit was mobilized in March of 2005 to run base operations in Afghanistan. The . . . is from Austin, Texas. I have enclosed pictures of . . . . . from Texas.

The Afghanistan people recently had their second round of elections with very few problems. We received reports that donkeys were used to haul the voter ballets from the small villages in the mountains down to the larger cities along the rivers. Thousands of people stood in long lines to vote for the first time in their life.

I have been away from home for a long time. I look forward to going home to Burnet and taking that short drive to Johnson City where I can shake your hand and give you a proper Thanks.


Sir or Ma'am,

My name is . . . , I am a Military Working Dog Handler from San Angelo TX. I am currently deployed to Iraq right now. There are six dog teams here including me. I received a package the other day from a friend in Johnson City, .... The box was addressed to me from your company courtesy of him. There was 2 packs of beef jerky and 2 packs of turkey jerky. As soon as I opened it, the bag was devoured! We wanted to say thank you for supporting us while we are over here in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We have been here since November and will not get to be home until May or June. The guys all agreed that your jerky was the best they have had in some time!

Once again WE would like to send a special thank you to your company!

... and crew~


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