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Whittington's Jerky

Whittington's Jerky - NOW FEATURING ALL NATURAL BEEF JERKY along with our traditional mesquite smoked beef, turkey & pork jerky, low preservatives, no additives. . . don't miss our Gourmet Texas Specialty Foods!

All About Whittinton's Jerky

By special request, you can now order Whittington's Main Line Jerky online in stick form.
When checking out, please put your special request for stick jerky in the comments section.
(Please note that ordering the stick form of our Whittington's Jerky
will delay your order. We will specially package your stick jerky into 4 individual - 4 oz. packages and the jerky sticks will be cut to fit the vacuum sealed packages.)

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All of our jerky is made from U.S. raised meat.
Lean Top Round Beef, lean Turkey Breast, & lean Pork.

  • Whittington's Jerky is naturally 97% fat free.

  • We provide generous seasonings and spices prior to smoking.

  • Our jerky is slow smoked over mesquite wood for sixteen (16) hours in our own custom built smokehouses.

  • No Artificial preservatives.

  • Whittington's jerky is cut and packaged by hand giving our product a personal touch.

Seven Jerky Recipes!

Jerky Star Pork Jerky
star All Natural Beef Jerky
star Original Beef Jerky
Hot Beef Jerky
Garlic Beef Jerky
Traditional Turkey Jerky
Hot & Spicy Turkey Jerky

Storing Whittington's Jerky

When you order one pound of any of our Jerky, we send you four individual vacuum sealed 4 oz. packages. Our Jerky should keep for 6-8 months in our original, unopened vacuum sealed package. After you open a package, we recommend you remove it from the plastic package and store it in a brown paper sack or freeze it. NEVER refrigerate!

Whittington's Jerky


Pork Jerky

Whittington's Jerky is pleased to announce PORK JERKY - one of our newest main line jerky products.

This new addition is made from U.S. raised pork. Our Pork Jerky is mesquite smoked, and has a sweet flavor.

Try our newest Whittington's Jerky - made with the same care as all our jerky since 1963!

Pork, Seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite), Spices & Flavoring.

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All Natural Beef Jerky

All Natural Beef Jerky! This is the only way to buy our jerky in stick form online!

Whittington's All Natural Jerky is free of Antibiotics, Hormones, MSG, Glutens, or added Nitrates and Artificial Preservatives but still provides you with the highest quality of taste since 1963.

Beef, Sea Salt, Garlic, Spices & Flavoring.

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Original Beef Jerky

2004 Scovie Award The original beef recipe has carried the Whittington's name to the home of our families, friends and customers for over forty years. Having this blend of all natural ingredients makes it one of a kind.

Beef, Seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite), Spices & Flavoring.

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Hot Beef Jerky

2004 Scovie Award Our special blend of spices mixed with just the right amount of peppers gives the hot beef jerky a great taste with just enough kick to it.

Beef, Seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite), Spices & Flavoring.

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Garlic Beef Jerky

Garlic, known as a healthy spice is blended with other ingredients and then smoked with mesquite the old fashioned way. It would be pleasing to any garlic lovers taste!

Beef, Seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite), Garlic, Spices & Flavoring.

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Traditional Turkey Jerky

Turkey Jerky! What? This special blend of spices mixed with hand picked breast of turkey makes for a satisfying taste that any cowboy or cowgirl would love!

Turkey, Seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite), Garlic, Spices & Flavoring.

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Hot & Spicy Turkey Jerky

Those who still want old-fashioned hand cut jerky with extra spice and peppers will appreciate this unique blend that creates this spicy jerky.

Turkey, Seasoning (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite), Garlic, Spices & Flavoring.

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U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspection Seal Poultry P-21257
All our meat is U.S. inspected
and passed by the
Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspection Seal Beef EST. 21257
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mesquite flavor,
low preservatives,
no additives.


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Whittington's Jerky

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